Nil Aguilera

Age 18
Height (cm) 182
Weight (kg) 57


When he was 10 or 11 years old, in the company of his father, Nil climbed the majestic Col du Tourmalet at an altitude of 2,115 metres. And that experience defines or sums up his skills as a cyclist: “I like climbing and I can defend myself going downhill, but for a mass sprint I certainly don’t fit the profile”, he jokes. The truth is that until a couple of years ago the sporting adventures of this young lad from Igualada (Barcelona) were more linked to a racket sport and everything related to cycling was much more sporadic and recreational. Aguilera has competed in squash for many years with Squash Igualada. “I played both nationally and internationally and among my best positions are a third place in the Catalan Championship and a fourth place in a Spanish Championship”, he recalls. The Dutch Junior Open and the German Junior Open have been some of his competitions in other countries, although the Catalan has also practised skiing. “I’m good at sports, I adapt quickly and I don’t have any problems”.  The cycling Nil Aguilera is definitely forged from confinement. “In 2020 I started mountain biking, but as a result of the COVID-19 I couldn’t do many races either. Looking ahead to 2021 I have had the opportunity to ride with the Unió Ciclista Vilanova”. His father, who did compete in his youth, enjoys cycling from a more cyclotourist point of view and that was Nil’s starting point in this sport. When asked about his favourite races, he answers quickly: “The Tour de France, in the professional world, and in the junior category I prefer the Challenge de la Montaña Central, where I competed this year and where I enjoyed a lot, especially in the final stage that reached El Cordal”. Aguilera is now in her second year of her baccalaureate, a path that she is following for her scientific branch. “The idea is to take the EvAU (Evaluación para el Acceso a la Universidad) and enter university. I would like to do a double degree with INEF”, he says. On his arrival to the junior team of the Contador Foundation he says: “Initially I didn’t see myself here, in the EOLO-KOMETA, in my first year I never had such high expectations. I discussed this possibility with the director and he told me not to hesitate, that it was a great opportunity”.


  • 2022
    • / Stage 4 Vuelta al Besaya
    • / VI Cursa Sant Julià de Vilatorta / Copa Catalana
    • / General Vuelta al Besaya
    • / Spain Championship U19 ITT
    • / Catalunya Championship ITT
    • / I Trofeo Junior Moixent
    • / Bizkaia Klasika Urduña Hiria - Copa de España
    • / Overall Volta ao Concelho de Loulé
    • / Overall Challenge Montaña Central
    • / Stage 2 (a) Volta ao Concelho de Loulé
    • / Stage 3 ITT Vuelta a las Comarcas
    • / Montbike Road Race- Campionat de Catalunya
    • / Stage 2 Vuelta al Besaya
    • / Overall Vuelta a las Comarcas
    • / Memorial Chely Álvarez
    • / Stage 2 (b) Challenge Montaña Central
  • 2021
    • / Overall Vuelta a las Comarcas Región de Murcia
    • / Stage 1 Vuelta a las Comarcas Región de Murcia - Memorial Pedro García
    • / Stage 3 Challenge Montaña Central
    • / Bicircuit Festival
    • / Catalunya Championship ITT
    • 10º / Overall Challlenge Montaña Central

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