Joan Cadena

Age 17
Height (cm) 179
Weight (kg) 68


Football, basketball, tennis, swimming, athletics, judo… The sports activities that Joan Cadena has developed over the last few years in a federated form has been enormous and increases with other activities (badminton, paddle tennis, table tennis…) in which he did not manage to obtain a licence. But it has been cycling that has triumphed, largely due to the family tradition nurtured by his father Joan Pere and his uncle Marc: “My father and uncle have been cycling all their lives. I started racing when I was five or so. They were important in my choice, but also because, from my point of view, the freedom that cycling gives you is not available in other sports. In athletics, yes, you also have a magnificent environment, but it doesn’t give me as much adrenaline as cycling and it doesn’t have those descents to be able to recover”, he jokes. “I’ve done everything over the last few years; I’ve certainly not been bored”. Joan Cadena is another of the young talents who joins the Fundación Contador U19 project and, like his teammate Nil Aguilera, he does it from the Unió Ciclista Vilanova: “As I see myself now, I am a cyclist with a profile for one-day races: I have a good sprint and in the short, explosive and not very long climbs, I can defend myself well. The long distances, the long distance, I can manage it well and I also like to compete in adverse weather situations, rain, which generates situations where the technique on the bike takes another point … Although where we live we really have two or three days a year of bad weather”. Cadena is in his second year of the Scientific and Technological Baccalaureate and plans to enter university and enrol in Industrial Design and Product Development engineering. From time to time, when his studies and bike allow it, he has also done some advertising shoots through a modelling agency in Barcelona. “My father and my uncle have helped me a lot over the years to know how to organise myself and maintain discipline. I would have liked to have been able to study in the United States, but there is no cycling there like here, so in the years before I studied the American Dual Baccalaureate, which allowed me to improve my English a lot. My uncle Marc also competed in his time, but when the time came he prioritised his studies and his advice is very valid”. In cycling, the Tarragona native has tried all modalities. “My father signed me up for a Biketrial Academy when I was seven years old and I also have great memories of that experience. I picked up a lot of technique and now it’s something I’m very grateful for. It has helped me to avoid more than one crash or to manage in the race to pass through dangerous and narrow places”.  Many people already know Cadena by the nickname of his social network profile, The Kid Cadena: “It sounds good, many people already know me that way rather than Joan and I’m even happy about it”, he smiles. If there is one rider he particularly likes, it is three-time world champion Peter Sagan. “He’s been my favourite cyclist for a long time. In a way he’s a reference point. And not only because of the way he rides, but also because of his charisma and the way he is. For that way of putting a bit of joy into life. As he says: ‘Why so serious'”.


  • 2022
    • / Gran Premio Ayuntamiento de Valdefresno
    • / GP Agullana - Copa Catalana
    • / Memorial Joan Bautista Llorens - Trofeo Victor Cabedo
    • / Stage 1 Vuelta a Valladolid
    • / Catalunya Championship ITT
    • / Montbike Road Race- Campionat de Catalunya
    • 11º / Stage 1 (b) Tour de Gironde
  • 2021
    • / Overall Spanish Track League
    • / Overall Vuelta a las Comarcas Región de Murcia
    • / Stage 2 Vuelta a las Comarcas Región de Murcia - Memorial Antonio Sarabia
    • / Stage 1 Vuelta a las Comarcas Región de Murcia - Pedro García Memorial

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