César Pérez

Age 18
Height (cm) 183
Weight (kg) 63


This rider from Murcia is one of the first year U19 rider who join the discipline of the Fundación Contador and does so from a Valverde Terra Fecundis in which he has had a very complete and regular season. Pérez, a great conversationalist, started cycling when he was eight years old and thanks to the hobby of his best friend, Pablo Enrique Esquer. “My father ended up buying me a bike and I liked it so much that I gradually moved up a category and took bigger steps,” he says. Pérez lives very close to Alejandro Valverde, someone very special to him. “By far, Alejandro is my favourite rider. I have the immense good fortune to train with him on some occasions. I admire him a lot for many things: for the way he rides, for his human qualities, for his humility and his simplicity…”, he explains. And when it comes to defining himself as a cyclist, he outlines: “The races I like the most are the classics. I like those explosive courses, I do well on short climbs… I love the monuments. Season after season I don’t miss a single one, I watch it live or on tape if it’s a competition. What is it that most appeals to me about these races? Well, the way they are contested. The riders, often in very adverse weather conditions, always compete with courage and determination. And although there are favourites, there is a large number of riders and they have a “let’s see what happens, an unexpected point”. The young talent from Murcia is a regular on the roads of the Sierra de Espuña or the Cresta del Gallo. “I even know the potholes on many of those roads,” he jokes.  Pérez is studying the baccalaureate in health sciences and has a very clear future objective: “I have to see what the cut-off mark is, but I want to study Nursing. I have an uncle who works here, although more in psychology, and he is a university lecturer”. Asked about the current situation of junior cycling and the increasingly early jump that many young riders are making to the professional ranks, Pérez gives his opinion: “I don’t think that cycling as such has changed, it’s just that there are people at our age who are preparing like true professionals. The bodies are more developed, they have qualities for this sport and their daily work is very professional. People take more care of themselves. I don’t think that’s something that’s going to change”.


  • 2022
    • / Murcian Route Championship
    • / III Memorial Mariano Díaz - Cto. Madrid
    • / VI Memorial Antonio Suárez
    • / Stage 2 Vuelta a las Comarcas
    • / IV Memorial Antonio Sarabia
    • / Stage 3 Vuelta al Besaya
    • / Stage 2 Vuelta a la Ribera del Duero
    • / Spanish Championship Road Race
    • / Circuito del Guadiana - Copa de España
    • / Murcian ITT Championship
    • / Trofeo Castillo de Onda - Trofeo Victor Cabedo
    • / Stage 1 Vuelta a las Comarcas
    • 10º / Stage 2 Vuelta al Besaya
  • 2021
    • / Murcia Road Championship Road
    • / Murcia Championship ITT
    • / Stage 2 Vuelta a Talavera
    • / Overall Vuelta a las Comarcas Región de Murcia
    • / Stage 2 Vuelta a las Comarcas Región de Murcia - Memorial Antonio Sarabia
    • / Spanish Championships Road
    • / Stage 1 Vuelta a las Comarcas Región de Murcia - Pedro García Memorial
    • / Stage 4 Vuelta a la Ribera del Duero
    • / Cursa del Llobregat – Copa de España
    • / Comunitat Valenciana Championship Road
    • / Trofeu Falles de Xátiva – Copa de España
    • / Overall Vuelta a Talavera

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