Álex García

Age 18
Height (cm) 165
Weight (kg) 55


Great friend of Joel Díaz, rider of the U19 team of the Fundación Contador since this year, it could be said that Álex’s career in the world of two wheels owes much to that friendship. Neighbours in the neighbourhood, classmates and members of the same friendship group, it was at Christmas 2019 when García broke away from the football he had been playing to focus on the road. It was his first year in the cadet category. “In my life I had never ridden a road bike, my thing was football, where I played as a midfielder. Sometimes at weekends we would go out on the mountain bike and stuff like that, but nothing serious. Other times we’d go to see Joel at a race. Things like that. One day, on one of those long weekends before Christmas when we didn’t have school for several days, I rented a road bike to go out with Joel. And that was a life-changing experience. I really liked it. I just tried it and somehow I got hooked,” he recalls. Those classmates nowadays are also training partners. “We don’t live next door to each other like we used to, we have moved to Viladecans and now we are about 20 kilometres away. But we still share training sessions,” he says.  García, who has grown up a lot in the Club Ciclista Sant Boi, is especially attracted to offensive riders and demanding races. “In general I watch a lot of cycling, I try to follow it as much as possible. I like those stages of the Tour, the Giro or the Vuelta with a lot of accumulated hardness; the harder the mountain day, the better”. The Catalan has family roots in Galicia and Castilla y León, although his parents were born in France: his mother’s family’s village is near Vigo, while his father’s is in León, near Ourense in the area of O Barco de Valdeorras. “It is an impressive area for cycling, with mountain passes of all kinds. Fonte da Cova is very long. Or the Llano de las Ovejas. Almost two thousand. It’s surprising that the Vuelta has never climbed them, here you could design an extremely tough stage, like in the Dolomites”. García is studying an intermediate cycle in Electricity: “I started the baccalaureate and I was doing well, although it was difficult to combine it with cycling. But I wasn’t satisfied and the change has allowed me to train in the mornings and go to classes in the afternoons”.


  • 2022
    • / Terra de Garnatxes - Copa Catalana
    • / Trofeo Santiago y Santa Ana - Asturcántabro
    • / Overall Challenge Montaña Central
    • / VI Cursa Sant Julià de Vilatorta / Copa Catalana
    • / Etapa 3 Ruta do Albariño
    • / Stage 2 (b) Challenge Montaña Central
    • / Overall Trofeo Víctor Cabedo
    • / Overall Ruta do Albariño
    • / 76è Aniversari CC Catalunya - Barcelona - Copa Catalana
    • / Overall Vuelta a las Comarcas
    • 12º / Stage 1 Vuelta a las Comarcas
  • 2021
    • / Stage 1 Challenge La Subbética
    • / Stage 2 Challenge La Subbética
    • / Cursa Sant Juliá de Vilatorta - Copa Catalana
    • / General Challenge La Subbética
    • / Stage 3 Challenge La Subbética
    • / Stage 4 Vuelta a Talavera
    • / Catalan Championship Road
    • / Catalan Championship ITT
    • 10º / Overall Volta a Catalunya

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