News · 25 July, 2021

Lucas Guillermo, the spearhead of a combative EOLO-KOMETA junior on the routes of Valladolid

XXIX Vuelta Ciclista a Valladolid Stage 3: Valladolid – Valladolid (120 km) The Mallorcan Marc Terrasa finished this Sunday seventh in the third and last stage of a new edition of the Vuelta Ciclista a Valladolid for the junior category that concluded with the partial victory of Roberto Alonso (Bathco) and the success in the…

News · 22 July, 2021

Almost ten kilometres of time trial in Pozaldez, a fundamental semi-stage in the return of the Vuelta a Valladolid of the category

XXIX Vuelta Ciclista a Valladolid From 23rd to 25th July Samuel de Pablo from Madrid, Joel Díaz from Catalonia, Lucas Guillermo from La Rioja, David Puente from Cantabria, Marc Terrasa from the Balearic Islands and Hungarian rider Gergo Magyar make up Guillermo Gutiérrez’s squad for the stage race in Pucelan lands, another of the classics…

News · 16 July, 2021

Antonio González finishes fifth in the time trial of the Spanish Championships of the category

Spanish Cycling Championship Junior Cadalso de los Vidrios –Cadalso de los Vidrios (15,3 km ITT) Up to four riders of the youth structure of the Contador Foundation directed by Guillermo Gutiérrez took part this Friday morning in the time trial of the Spanish Championships in the youth category, which was held in the Madrid town…

News · 14 July, 2021

“It has been the best experience of my life in cycling. I really enjoyed every stage”

Ain Bugey Valromey Tour Stage 5: Artemare – Les Plans d´Hotonnes (105,5 km) The Tour de l’Ain for the junior category concluded on Wednesday with the celebration of its queen stage, a day with three first category mountain passes and a high finish in another special category. The final stage, held under heavy rain at…

News · 9 July, 2021

The Ain Bugey Valromey Tour, a great theatre for the best continental junior cycling

Ain Bugey Valromey Tour From 10 to 14 July The Valencian Pablo García, the Cantabrian David Gimeno, the Castilian-Leonese Antonio González, the Madrid-born Miguel Ramos and the Balearic Marc Terrasa, all of them second-year juniors, make up the quintet that will compete between this Saturday and next Wednesday in one of the usual races of…

News · 4 July, 2021

Zeteny Szijarto wins the mountain grand prix of a Bizkaiko Itzulia with a formidable level of performance

Bizkaiko Itzulia Stage 4: Balmaseda – Balmaseda (99,7 km) This Sunday saw the end of an exciting edition of the Bizkaiko Itzulia in which the final overall was won by the Portuguese Gonçalo Tavares ahead of his teammate Antonio Morgado and in which the youth structure of the Contador Foundation had a good performance that…

News · 3 July, 2021

Miguel Ramos, second position in a Circuito del Guadiana from which EOLO-KOMETA comes out leading the team overall of the Copa

55º Circuito del Guadiana Don Benito – Don Benito (85,7 km) Miguel Ramos from Madrid finished second in the junior race of the Circuito del Guadiana, third round of the Spanish Cup of the category, in a race in which he played the victory in a sprint with Hugo Aguilar and with Miguel Ángel Molina,…

News · 1 July, 2021

The Copa de España lands in Extremadura with the Magacela wall and the heat as judges of the Circuito del Guadiana

Circuito del Guadiana Don Benito – Don Benito (85,7 km) Fifth in the provisional general classification of the Copa de España is the Balearic Marc Terrasa. The second year junior from Sineu will lead the junior structure of the Fundación Contador in an edition of the Circuito del Guadiana in which the Valencian Pablo García,…

News · 28 June, 2021

The promising Bence Mészáros and Zétény Szijártó, with the Foundation’s junior team in the return of the Bizkaiko Itzulia

Bizkaiko Itzulia From 1 to 4 July The Bizkaiko Itzulia of the Sociedad Ciclista Balmasedana was one of the many races affected by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on everyday life from March 2020. The great Biscayan event was postponed until a better occasion when circumstances were more benign and the health emergency was…

News · 27 June, 2021

Antonio González, in the top ten of a competitive edition of the Vuelta al Besaya

35º Vuelta Ciclista al Besaya Stage 4: Torrelavega – Los Corrales de Buelna (110,4 km). Antonio González from Soria finished eighth overall in a demanding edition of the Vuelta al Besaya, four stages, four leaders, which ended this Sunday in Los Corrales de Buelna with the classic final stage in which the stages of the…

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