A tough Bizkaia Klasika with walls, technical sections, narrow roads and even cobbled stretches, welcomes the Spanish Cup

News · 27 April, 2022

50º Bizkaia Klasika – Urduña Hiria Junior Saria / Copa de España
Orduña – Orduña (115,2 km)

The Spanish Cup in the U19 category reaches its halfway point this coming Sunday in Bizkaia with a very special edition of the Urduña Hiria Junior Saria. The Cycling Society of Orduña, a town recognised as a city of the Señorío de Vizcaya since 1467, is organising one of the most traditional races in the category and to celebrate its 50th edition is hosting a state tournament which is currently led by Pablo Lospitao from Extremadura, winner of the two races held so far.

The proposed route for this Golden Jubilee maintains the essence of a winding, leg-breaking layout, with narrow roads and even urban cobbled sections. First, a circuit with a double passage through the chained climbs of Mendelka and La Junta, connected by a dangerous descent and both with double digits on their slopes. In the second part of the race, and with a final pass through Aloria that is crowned less than four kilometres from the finish line, three climbs to Prado Txikito.

Nil Aguilera, Álex García, Pedro García, Héctor García, Lucas Guillermo, Alem Herraiz, César Pérez and David Puente make up the ‘eight’ with which director Guillermo Gutiérrez travels to the Basque Country. A squad with two first-year U19 riders and six second-year. The Cantabrian Puente, thanks to the 37 points that he obtained in La Canonja, is the rider of the EOLO-KOMETA Cycling Team better placed in the general classification, in the 13th position.

May 1: Urduña Hiria Junio Saria (Orduña-Orduña, 115.2 km).


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