A double “good experience” for the pucelan Iván Polo on the roads of Cantabria

News · 24 April, 2022

23 april: XXXI Memorial Chele Campos
24 april: Gran Premio El Baruco

Good sensations for Iván Polo in his double commitment in the Cantabrian calendar this weekend in charge of the Peña Ciclista Sprint. On Saturday, in the 86.1 kilometres of the Memorial Chele Campos de Cacicedo de Camargo. On Sunday, over 99.2 km, in the Gran Premio El Baruco in the neighbouring Igollo de Camargo. “It was a good experience,” he says.

In the Chele Campos he finished in the top 10, a very remarkable seventh position in view of his solo participation. Luis García was the winner of the race. “At the start, it was a very bad day. It kept raining, at times it was blowing a tremendous gale,… I rode in the bunch, holding on and on the last pass through El Churi, I felt very good, I pulled up and finished fifth or sixth. The pity was that at the end I went to the ground in a crash and I lost a bit”.

In El Baruco Polo (27th, 1’19” behind the winner Hugo de la Calle), he had to manage a difficult day. “The day went better in terms of weather. I was unlucky to suffer an early puncture. Thanks to the help of the Disgarsa team and MMR I was able to get back and start chasing. It was a good beating. In the end I was able to hook up and give the rest after the accumulated effort”.

[📷 Carmen del Campo]

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