Miguel Ángel Molina

Age 17
Height (cm) 180
Weight (kg) 72


Within the integral training project in which the Alberto Contador Foundation has been working, the presence of Miguel Ángel Molina is another very good piece of news. This cyclist from Madrid passed through the Plaza Eboli Cycling Academy two years ago, which he reached in turn from the Nieves de Parla Cycling Academy. Cycling is a domestic matter in the Molina family home, as his father has also been a runner and is intensely involved in this sport. Miguel Ángel started at the age of six and everything began as a game. “I realized that I loved to compete and since then I haven’t gotten off the bike, it’s a fundamental part of my life,” he says.


  • 2019
    • 1st / Stage 2 Vuelta a Valdepeñas
    • 1st / Judex Valdefuentes
    • 1st / Santi Spiritus City Council Trophy
    • 2nd / Sardón de los Frailes Trophy / Cadet CyL Trophy
    • 2nd / San Sebastián de los Reyes Grand Prix
    • 3rd / Grand Prix Coslada
    • 3rd / Mariano Díaz de Villarejo de Salvanés Memorial
    • 3rd / Stage 2 Vuelta a Molinicos
    • 3rd / Overall Vuelta a Molinicos
    • 4th / Stage 1 ITT Vuelta a Valdepeñas
    • 4th / Overall Vuelta a Valdepeñas
    • 4th / José Luis de Santos Trophy of Segovia
    • 4th / Stage 1 Itt Vuelta a Molinicos
    • 6th / Fuenterrebollo
    • 8th / Overall Vuelta a Gandía

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