David Gimeno

Age 18
Height (cm) 177
Weight (kg) 61


For seven years this Cantabrian from Los Corrales de Buelna has been combining his studies at the conservatory with cycling, although in 2019 he has taken a step forward enrolled in the Isidoro San Justo Team and has focused his daily life much more on the sport of cycling. “In 2019 I was the year I was most excited about cycling and I was clear that I wanted to come to the Alberto Contador Foundation team,” he says. Gimeno has always been very sporty and before the bicycle, he has also practiced intensively both swimming and football. Football was precisely the first sport in which he wanted to start more seriously, but his father gradually convinced him by passing on to him precisely his experiences as a former player. His first cycling competitions took place at the age of six. “And a little forced at first, but I ended up getting very fond of him.” Before the competition, however, was the time for leisure and health. As a child, remembers Gimeno himself, he was a bit chubby and the bike allowed him to be healthy. And on the other hand, it allowed him to accompany his father on some outings. “My first bike was red and had wheels. My father rode his bike and used to go out with the club in the village. I was jealous and wanted to go out with them. “When you know how to ride without wheels, you come,” they said. And that’s when I started practising until I got my balance and started going out with my dad’s group,” he says. For a few years in his letter to the Three Kings, Alberto Contador’s bicycle was present, but their Majesties never listened to his requests.


  • 2021
    • / Cantabrian ITT Championship
    • / Trofeo Ayuntamiento de Peñafiel / Copa de España
    • 12º / Stage 2 Challenge Montaña Central
    • 13º / Gran Premio El Baruco
  • 2020
    • / Cantabrian ITT Championship
    • / Gran Premio El Cristo
  • 2019
    • / Cantabria Championship ITT
    • / Gran Premio de Limpias
    • / Gran Premio de Guriezo
    • / Grand Prix of Hijas
    • / Trofeo Virgen de la Guía - Portugalete
    • / Gran Premio de Molledo
    • / Gran Premio de Santa Ana (Puente Arce)
    • / Cantabrian Regularity Trophy
    • / Cantabrian-Galician Astur Championship
    • / Cantabria Championship Route

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