Arnau Gilabert

Age 18
Height (cm) 170
Weight (kg) 57


He practiced skiing and snow sports during his childhood, an activity he attended with his sister. The outings of his father, Jordi, on his bicycle always aroused a lot of curiosity in both of them. One year, due to circumstances, the activities of Club Ski Puigmal could not be carried out due to lack of snow and Arnau’s sister, Ariana, started to go out with her father. On one occasion, little Gilabert could accompany them. “And I liked it more and more and more”, he remembers. The two Gilabert Vilaplana brothers then began to overcome their father’s opposition so that he would let them compete in the world of cycling. The father, however, with his experience in this field, considered that the competition was too demanding. Jordi Gilabert became a professional cyclist, competing in the Santa Clara several seasons in the mid-1990s. But the insistence of his sons ended up achieving the objective he was looking for and both began to participate, at first more slowly, in some road, track, mountain bike and even cyclo-cross cycling events. But both, little by little, ended up focusing on the road. Ariana Gilabert currently competes in the Bizkaia-Durango. For Arnau it will be his second season in the junior category.


  • 2020
    • 1st / Overall Vuelta al Besaya
    • 1st / Stage 4 Vuelta al Besaya
    • 1st / Campeonato de Catalunya ITT
    • 3rd / Trofeo 3 Trofeo Víctor Cabedo
    • 8th / Circuito del Guadiana / Copa de España
    • 9th / Trofeo 4 Trofeo Víctor Cabedo / Copa de España
    • 10th / Stage 1 Vuelta al Besaya
  • 2019
    • 5th / Stage 2 Tour du Gevaudan
    • 5th / Campeonato de Catalunya CRI
    • 8th / Trofeu 15 d´abril La Canonja / Copa de España
    • 8th / Overall Trofeo Víctor Cabedo
    • 10th / Overall Tour du Gevaudan
  • 2018
    • 1st / Trofeu Primavera Memorial Josep Maria Carrera de Batet de la Sierra
    • 1st / Campionat Comarcal del Baix Llobregat de Sant Vicenç dels Horts

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