Antonio González

Age 16
Height (cm) 177
Weight (kg) 59


Antonio’s father is linked to the world of cycling, where he works as a doping controller, and this union awakened in the descendants of the family an attraction for this sport. Antonio remembers how his brother first began to practice the sport of cycling and later, with a very small Decathlon saddle, it was his moment. He tried his hand at competition at the age of just over six. “From the first moment I was good, I won more than twenty races per season in the Schools category, even being several times champion of Castilla y León”, he says. The lack of cycling sports structures in Soria made him compete by joining a team in Burgos. And that dynamic will be repeated; in his first year in the cadet category, for example, he will do it with the Navarrese Quesos Albéniz. “Between the fact that there are not many teams and that we are not geographically very well located with respect to places with many races I chose to start 2019 competing independently, since in the cadet category from my point of view it is not strictly necessary to run with a team”. At the end of August 2019 he will apply for a license with the Club Ciclista Turiaso de Tarazona to race in the Vuelta al Bajo Aragón. “I finished the year with them, very happy to say the least, but now I’m looking forward to 2020”.


  • 2020
    • 10th / Stage 2 ITT Vuelta al Besaya
    • 10th / Overall Challenge Ciclista Subbética
    • 10th / Stage 3 Challenge Ciclista Subbética
  • 2019
    • 1st / Murchante Trophy
    • 1st / Aragón Route Championship
    • 1st / Pablo Sanz Sánchez de Cetina Trophy
    • 2nd / Spanish Championship Route
    • 2nd / Overall Route d'Occitanie (France)
    • 2nd / Iturmendi Saria
    • 2nd / José Luis de Santos Trophy of Segovia
    • 2nd / Overall BioRacer Cycling Tournament Track
    • 3rd / Individual pursuit of the Spanish Track Championships
    • 3rd / Subida a Opakua ITT
    • 3rd / Cadet Trophy CajaViva Caja Rural Burgos
    • 3rd / Stage 3 Vuelta al Bajo Aragón
  • 2018
    • 1st / Individual pursuit Castilla y León Track Championship
    • 4th / ITT Murgia

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