News · 30 July, 2016

Ropero and Gelabert, best juniors of RH+ POLARTEC in a grueling Tour of Portugal

The RH+/POLARTEC Junior Team today concluded its first Tour of Portugal with an excellent result, with Alejandro Ropero second overall, followed in fourth place by Tomeu Gelabert

News · 25 July, 2016

Tomeu Gelabert wins for RH+ POLARTEC the Tour of Valladolid

The Mallorcan Tomeu Gelabert, who in his second junior year had already won in Fuenlabrada and the overall Cabedo Trophy, returned Sunday to the podium with a nice win in the Tour of Valladolid

News · 18 July, 2016

Marc Brustenga will face as leader the last two races of Spanish Cup

On Sunday was raced in San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid) the fourth round of the Junior’s Cup of Spain, in which the RH+/POLARTEC successfully defended the leader’s jersey of Marc Brustenga

News · 11 July, 2016

The RH +/POLARTEC Junior Team fought to the end in a contested Vuelta a Vizcaya

With 190 riders at the starting line and 32 teams, the best of the junior national squad, along with a select representation of English, Belgian and Portuguese riders, took the start in the Vuelta a Vizcaya 2016, which became one of the most hard and competed of the last editions.

News · 27 June, 2016

RH + / POLARTEC again the best team in the junior Tour of Besaya

For the fourth consecutive year, everyone who has been active the Alberto Contador Foundation, the juniors of RH+/POLARTEC were proclaimed winners by teams in the Vuelta al Besaya

News · 6 June, 2016

Stage in Madrid and victory in Fuenlabrada of RH+/POLARTEC Junior Team

All riders of RH+/POLARTEC Junior Team met this weekend in Madrid to perform, as every year, an analysis of what has been the season

News · 30 May, 2016

Triumph of Claudio Clavijo and RH+/POLARTEC domain in the third race of the Junior Spanish Cup

Claudio Clavijo claimed victory on Sunday in the third scoring round of the Junior Cup of Spain, where RH+/POLARTEC did a great control, monopolizing the podium with Marc Brustenga and Carlos Alvarez

News · 2 May, 2016

The junior RH+/POLARTEC won the team time trial of Pays d’Othe

Juniors riders from RH+/POLARTEC won this weekend in France the team time trial of the Tour of Les Portes du Pays d’Othe

News · 22 April, 2016

Alberto Contador Foundation, awarded for its work with young cyclists

Alberto Contador Foundation was honored yesterday during the gala awards ‘Bikes Year 2016’, with the prize for ‘Cycling Values’, in recognition of the work carried out with young cyclists.

News · 18 April, 2016

Alejandro Ropero, victory and lead in the Junior Cup of Spain

Alejandro Ropero got today in Tarragona the victory in La Canonja G.P., the second race of the Junior Cup of Spain

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