News · 30 April, 2020

Jorge Ramos: “It is essential that the riders, in this current scenario, are always motivated”

Riders such as Enric Mas, Alejandro Ropero, Carlos Rodríguez, Sergio García and Juan Pedro López, among many others, have passed under his tutelage. Jorge Ramos Estalayo is the physical trainer of the junior squad of the Alberto Contador Foundation. And he has been since its origins, when the youth team became the first sports structure…

News · 27 April, 2020

The Kometa-Xstra Challenge by Gobik debuts with the junior team’s competition: “It’s been quite an experience”

The first meeting of the Kometa-Xstra Challenge by Gobik, with a representation of the youth team of the Alberto Contador Foundation, was held on the afternoon of Monday, April 27th, with five laps of one of the circuits of Innsbruck offered by the Zwift platform.  Under the Social Ride formula, the riders of the…

News · 25 April, 2020

The Kometa-Xstra Challenge by Gobik, three indoor events to share pedaling

Kometa-Xstra Challenge by Gobik April 27 | May 1 | May 8 The riders of the junior team will be in charge of opening this Monday, from 18.00 hours, a series of indoor cycling meetings that are part of a new Kometa-Xstra Challenge by Gobik that sees the light on the Zwift platform by the…

News · 13 April, 2020

Virtual meetings during confinement to exercise together and maintain contact

The block, the collective, has always been something highly valued within the Alberto Contador Foundation for its different sports structures. As it is the first of the formations that saw the light, in 2013, and for its firm formative vocation, the group has a special predicament in the junior foundation. These times of confinement due…

News · 29 March, 2020

“Even if it costs a little more because we are not used to it, you have to adapt”

The adoption of severe measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus and urgently curb the pressure on the health system, with the decree of the State of Alert by the Spanish government and one of its great concretions in the confinement of many millions of people, has changed overnight the day-to-day life of many…

News · 12 March, 2020

The RFEC suspends all national competitions for two weeks as a result of the coronavirus

The suspension of all competitions for the next two weeks by the Spanish Cycling Federation (RFEC) as a result of the preventive measures, containment and recommendations set to stop the spread of the coronavirus by the authorities also stop sine die the competitive activity of the Kometa-Xstra Cycling Team junior. The junior structure of the…

News · 8 March, 2020

José Luis Medina is finally six seconds away from the podium of the Victor Cabedo Trophy

Trofeo Víctor Cabedo Memorial Juan Bautista Llorens / Copa de España (100 km) The last test of the Cabedo, also second test of the 2020 Spanish Cup of the category, as well as the definitive general one left for the Juan Ayuso’s bag. The alicantino of the Bathco, that made a full of victories in…

News · 7 March, 2020

Arnau Gilabert and José Luis Medina, visible heads of a great group performance in Onda

Trofeo Víctor Cabedo IX Trofeo Castillo de Onda (80 km) The second weekend of the Cabedo Memorial got underway this Saturday with a new edition of the Castillo de Onda Trophy in which the youth of the Alberto Contador Foundation were once again the protagonists. The victory was for Juan Ayuso (Bathco, Alicante), while the…

News · 5 March, 2020

A weekend to stand up and fight for José Luis Medina’s podium options

7th March: IX Trofeo Castillo de Onda (80 km) March 8th: Juan Bautista Llorens Memorial / Spanish Cup (100 km) Six seconds separate the Andalusian José Luis Medina from the third place on the provisional podium at the Victor Cabedo Memorial 2020 and the Alberto Contador Foundation’s youth team is aiming to take that first…

News · 3 March, 2020

📸 Circuito del Guadiana Junior

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