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Birth place

Premiá de Mar, Barcelona

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Junior cyclist of second year, he is a very complete rider who passes the mountain well. He started cycling in 2011 with a friend. He began to practice mountain biking and, little by little, as he himself confesses, he was bitten by the worm of competition. In 2012 he got his first license, focused on mountain biking. Watching cycling on television, Alberto Contador’s adventures also aroused his curiosity to try the route. After some time alternating between mountain biking and road biking, he finally focused on the road. He grew up a lot with Club Ciclista Mollet and made great performances in last year’s Catalan Cup.


Año 2018

1º Clasificado Vuelta al Besaya

1º Clasificado Ain Bugey Valromey Tour

1º Clasificado 4ª etapa Vuelta al Besaya

1º Clasificado Memorial Joan Bautista Llorens, Villareal

1º Clasificado General Trofeo Victor Cabedo

1º Clasificado CRE Trofeo Victor Cabedo

Año 2017

1º Clasificado La Cellera de Ter

4º Clasificado Guipúzcoa Klasica

4º Clasificado 3ª etapa Vuelta a Pamplona

4º Clasificado General Vuelta a Vall del Tener