About us

Each new year has an even more special place in the junior squad of the Fundación Alberto Contador. And he has it because of the firm conviction of our institution on the promotion of cycling as a sport and its work for the personal development of all children who, from the full awareness of the extreme difficulty of the challenge and the capital importance of studies, dream of one day achieving professionalism. But, perhaps above all, of course, in a capital way, it is also due to the fact that the junior team was the first sports structure that was born under the shelter of the Foundation. Then came the Plaza Éboli school, the U23 team or, since last season, the continental team. But the first step of this adventure came with the junor team, that formation in which names such as Álvaro Cuadros, Fernando Barceló, Diego Pablo Sevilla or Enric Mas…

The Fundación Alberto Contador was set up with two main objectives, the fight against stroke and the promotion of the use of the bicycle and the promotion of cycling as a sport. Both objectives overlap, as practicing sport is also the best way to prevent the disease. For the Fundación Alberto Contador, a fundamental objective is the integral formation of young people through the practice of cycling, transmitting them the necessary sports knowledge, providing them with the material means to carry out their training in the best conditions and, perhaps most importantly, instilling values such as honesty, companionship, respect and sacrifice, which are the backbone of our project, without forgetting either the solidarity, which is materialized in the ‘Bikes for Life’ project, and the aforementioned fight against cerebral stroke.

Best regards

F. Javier Contador

Manager General

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