About us

The Alberto Contador Foundation was launched with two main objectives, the fight against stroke and foment of bycicle and the promotion of cycling as a sport. Both objectives overlap, since practicing sport is also the best way to prevent disease.

The promotion of cycling began with the creation of the Junior team in 2013 and continued a year later with the implementation of the Plaza Éboli Cycling School in Pinto and the Under 23 team. Our aspiration is to achieve excellence in this work and to complete in the future the offer to our young cyclists with teams in all categories, including professional, to the extent that we achieve the indispensable support of the sponsors.

For the Alberto Contador Foundation, is a main objective the integral training of young people through the practice of cycling, transmitting them the necessary sports knowledge, providing them with the material means to carry out their training in the best conditions and, perhaps most importantly, inculcating them values such as honesty, camaraderie, respect and sacrifice, which are the backbone of our project, not forgetting solidarity, which materializes in the project ‘Bikes for Life’, and in the aforementioned fight against stroke.

Best regards

F. Javier Contador

Manager General